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Recipes from Ulichka Recipes from Ulichka

Recipes from Ulichka. Sweet pastry:


Cooking time  2 h. 0 min.


Eggs  2 pcs.
Sugar  200 gr
Sour cream  200 gr
Сondensed milk  200 gr
Soda  1.5 tsp
Vinegar  1 tablespoon
Flour  250 gr
Сocoa  1 tablespoon


Sour cream  1 l
Sugar  250 gr


Сocoa  2 tablespoons
Sour cream  4 tablespoons
Sugar  100 gr
Butter  1 tablespoon

This cake does not leave anyone indifferent! Very tasty, I would like to share with you this recipe. So:



1. Mix all iingredients for the dough (except cocoa), baking soda put out the vinegar.

2. The shape of the baking grease with butter.

3. Divide dough into 2 parts (the first a little less than the second). Pour the first part of the form.

4. Bake the cake first in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

5. The second piece of dough add cocoa. Bake the same way.

6. The first cake pierced in many places with a fork to cream is better absorbed.

7. The second cut a cake middle, stepping back from the edge of about 2 cm The resulting ring will be stacked on top of the cake first, and the median will be cut into pieces about 2 * 3 cm


1. Beat the cream with the sugar

Chocolate icing:

1. In saucepan mix the ingredients for a glaze (except butter).

2. Bring the chocolate mixture to a boil, stirring constantly over low heat

3. Turn off the icing, add butter and mix well. Allow to cool for 5 minutes.

Making the cake:
1. First soak the cake with a cream.

2. Put the ring of the second cake on the first cake. Soak cream

3. Cut the middle to pieces, put them one by one to wrap in the cream, pack the pieces in random order, it is possible chess, voids filled with cream. Spread the slices of a hill, forming a cake.

4. Drizzle the top with chocolate icing.

Bon Appetit!!

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30.08.2012 11:13
Смакота!!! Сам їв, за вуха відірвати не могли. І іншим дуже рекомендую. Дійсно досить простий у приготуванні і дуже смачний торт!
30.08.2012 22:34
дякую за відгук!))))
05.10.2013 17:30
Где же новые блюда, хозяичка Уличка?)))
18.10.2013 16:04
Олег, спасибо за визиты:) новые блюда уже на подходе, я вернулась:)
11.02.2016 12:41
Наконецто нашёл грамотно расписанный рецепт! со всеми этапами готовки. Афтар маладец! Респект от меня.

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