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Recipes from Ulichka. Meat:

Pork in the pot with prunes  

Cooking time  1 h. 30 min.


Pork (meat)  500 gr
Prunes  100 gr
Butter  2 tbsp
Raisins  1 tablespoon
Carrots  1 pc.
Onion  1 pc.
Water  1 cup
Vegetable oil  2 tbsp
Salt  taste
Pepper  taste


  1. Pork chop in small pieces and lightly fry in vegetable oil.
  2. Carrots cut into rings, onion cut into ¼rings.
  3. In tank mix pork, carrots, onions, prunes, raisins, and then put it all in a pot (I got three almost full pot). Pour hot water in a pot that the meat was almost covered with water. Salt (1/2 tsp salt in a pot), pepper, add a slice of butter, cover pots. Simmer in oven for about an hour on average, at 200 -220 degrees.

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