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Mackerel salad in daikon   

Cooking time  45 min.


Mackerel (Smoked)  1 pcs
Daikon  3 pcs
Сottage cheese  100 gr
Walnuts  50 gr
Mayonnaise  1 tablespoon


1. Peel daikon, cut into slices (4-5 slices from a single radish), cut in the form of rectangles, a small sharp spoon to take out the middle. Snippets of radish used in another salad, here we need only to molds.

2. Boil in boiling water for 3-5 minutes daikon cubes, so it was not so hard, but it was still crunchy.

3. Mackerel clean from skin, bone, fillet and cut to separate it.

4. Chopped walnuts knife

5. Cottage cheese mash

6. Prepare the salad: Mix fish fillet, walnuts, cheese, mayonnaise (I use home mayonnaise, which I advise you).

7. Fill salad cubes of daikon. Garnish with caviar, onion, paprika.

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27.12.2011 20:38
Не хватает раздела "Блюда к Новогоднему столу" :)
28.12.2011 22:50
IRENka, та да:))) не хватило времени, как ни банально это звучит:)

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