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Recipes from Ulichka. Salad:

Salad with arugula, figs and trout  

Cooking time  30 min.


rugula  1 bunch
Trout  300 gr
brie cheese   100 gr
Fig  6 pcs.
Sugar  2 tbsp
Salt  to taste
Pepper  to taste
Butter  50 gr


1.Wash the trout, salt and pepper it then cook on the grill 15 minutes. If you dont have grill, you can just bake fish in the oven in the form without the lid, and lay the fish on parchment paper.

2.Disassembled fish into pieces , use only the fillets , removing the bone.

3 . Wash figs , cut into a mug , roll in sugar on both sides. Saute the figs in butter. Fry for a short time, only to give caramelized .

4.Wash arugula, break into pieces if the leaves are large .

5 .Mix the arugula and a fish in a bowl, then place the mix on a plate . Add above figs and brie cheese slices . Bon appetit !

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