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Recipes from Ulichka. Salad:

Salad with peach, mozzarella cheese and jamon  

Cooking time  15 min.


└rugula  60 gr
Mozzarella cheese  200 gr
Jamon  100 gr
đeach  2 pcs.
Cherry tomatoes  250 gr
Sugar  1 tsp
Mustard  1 tsp
Vegetable oil  3 tbsp
Salt  taste
Lemon juice  1 tsp


1. Wash arugula, dry it.

2. Cut in half cherry tomatoes .

3. Cut peach into quarter-rings, I used canned.

4. Đut mozzarella into slices.

5. Disassemble jamon into pieces (you can replace jamon with dried sausage meat).

6. Prepare the filling: Mix the butter, sugar, mustard, salt and lemon juice,  whisk the mixture until smooth emulsion.

7. Mix all the salad ingredients, pour the salad dressing and put on a plate. Bon appetit!

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