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Recipes from Ulichka. Rice, risotto:

Risotto with mushrooms  

Cooking time  40 min.


Rice  300 gr
Broth  1 l
Mushrooms (fresh)  300 gr
Onion  1 pc.
Butter  60 gr
Parmesan cheese  60 gr
Vegetable oil  2 tablespoons
Salt  to taste

What is Risotto? Some think that its a pilaf, others call it a rice porridge, but the risotto is neither one nor the other. This is quite a separate dish rather not even a dish, but a way of cooking rice. For this dish we must cook good meat broth (with addition of vegetables, spices and herbs). We will need a wooden spoon, which is necessary to stir the rice, soup ladle, with which we will add the broth, a large frying pan, in which will prepare risotto, fine grater for cheese. Separately on rice for risotto: rice need a special, such as Arborio, you can try to find another rice for risotto, such as Carnaroli or Vialone Nano. In rice suitable for risotto, contains two types of starch, one of them is on the surface of each grain of rice, it allows to achieve a creamy texture, while the other is inside and prevents the conversion of cooking rice and risotto to mush. Do not wash the rice to preserve the starch on the surface of grains of rice for risotto. And now prepare itself:

1.Prepare mushrooms for risotto: wash, chop, fry in 20g butter, only to tire a little mushrooms as soon as the liquid evaporated - turn off the fire.

2. In a frying pan heat about 20 grams of butter and vegetable oil. In the oil add the chopped onion and fry it up until it becomes transparent.

3.Add rice to the pan a quick circular motion. Since then, need to constantly stir the futurerisotto. Fry until the rice  becomes almost transparent, and be careful that it is uniformly impregnated with oil.

4. Next to the pan, where rice is prepared, should stand broth over low heat. It should be already salt to taste. When the rice is soaked with oil, add 2 ladle of the boiling broth. Stir until the rice until it absorbs all the broth. Then again, add a ladle broth and stir again, and so add the broth until cooked meals. At the half portion of the broth add the mushrooms to risotto.

5. When the rice is ready, remove from heat, add remaining butter, cut small cubes and grated cheese. Stir until, until the mixture is smooth and let rest for a few minutes. Feeding on the table, you can sprinkle more cheese. Bon Appetit!

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27.04.2012 16:44
Дааа... Ризотто вещь крутая и вкусная, требует умений усилий, знаний и опыта! И еще: фотографировать эдакое вычурное блюдо должен опытный фотограф, чтобы фотография вызывала аппетит.
03.06.2012 10:00
Таран, так вызвала аппетит или нет?:)

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