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Recipes from Ulichka. Dishes with Seafood:

Ravioli with mussels  

Cooking time  60 min.


Flour  400 gr
Water  200 ml
Vegetable oil  1 tablespoon
Salt  taste


Mussels (cooked and frozen)  500 gr
Onion  1 pc
Salt  taste
Ginger powder  0.5 tsp
Vegetable oil  1 tablespoon

1. Preparing the filling: Mussels thawed. In a heated pan, pour vegetable oil, add mussels, chopped Cut onion, salt, add the minced ginger. Fry until cooked.

2. Dough: Pour the flour into the tank, make a depression in the flour, pour vegetable oil, salt. Boil water and pour into flour. Mix until it has cooled to a temperature that kneading hands. Knead dough.

3. Preparation of dumplings: Prepare the form for ravioli, sprinkle with flour (to make the dough not stick). Roll out the layers of dough (not too thin, not to burst). One layer put on the form, put in each place the stuffing (1 mussels and onions), cover with second layer, roll, get dumplings. Repeat the procedure. Cook ravioli in salted water. Serve with sour cream can.

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во идея пихать креветки в пельмени :) учитывая что морепродукты обожаю - надо попробовать

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