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Recipes from Ulichka. Poultry:

Chicken basket with cherry tomatoes  

Cooking time  60 min.


Chicken (fillet)  3 pcs.(600 gr)
Cherry tomatoes  6 pcs.
Mozzarella cheese  150 gr
Provence herbs  to taste
Vegetable oil  2 tablespoons
Pepper  to taste
Salt  to taste


1. Chicken repel. Add salt and pepper. Add spices (in this case I used Provence herbs, but can be any other favorite spices and seasonings). Coat the fillets with oil.

2. Lay the fillets in molds for cakes, forming baskets of meat. I used scissors to cut the meat I needed a form, do not be afraid to make the shape of the pieces, the meat during cooking grab and take the form of a solid basket. I got six baskets.

3. Put one tomato in each basket
4. Cover each basket with piece of cheese .

5. Place the meat in the form of a preheated oven to 200 grams, bake about 30 minutes. Bon Appetit!

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