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Recipes from Ulichka Recipes from Ulichka

Recipes from Ulichka. Grill menu:

Envelopes of pita with cheese, tomato and basil  

Cooking time  30 min.


Lavash (thin)  2 pcs
Tomato  3 pcs
Cheese (hard)  200 gr
Basil  10 leaves

Quite a simple dish can be cooked on the grid on picnic or at home on the grill pan.

Preparation of (4 envelopes):

1. Cheese grate.

2. Tomatoes cut into small pieces.

3. Mix the cheese, tomatoes and basil in a bowl,

4. Each pita bread cut in half. On each piece of pita spread the stuffing, wrap envelope.

5. Envelopes fry on the grill pan or barbecue. Bon Appetit!

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