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Potato halves with cheese  

Cooking time  60 min.


Potatoes  6 pc.
Garlic  3 cloves
Mayonnaise  3 tbsp
Cheese (hard)  150 gr
Salt  taste
Pepper  taste
Vegetable oil  3 tbsp


Potatoes should be selected about the same size, preferably medium, choose flat potatoes, to cook faster. Outwardly, potatoes must be undamaged and with a good cloth. It must be well cleaned without removing the skins (I usually wash with steel wool to liquid). Cut in half (to form flat halves), salt on all sides, put into a form that pour on vegetable oil. Prepare the sauce: garlic, run through the press, add the mayonnaise (or sour cream), pepper. On each half put a teaspoon of sauce. Cheese grate on large grater, put on each half cheese.

Cook in oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees (check the readiness of a match, depending on the thickness of the potato cooking time may vary).

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