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Pancake cake with trout, cheese and avocado  

Cooking time  60 min.


Milk  0,5 l
Eggs  3 pc.
Flour  200 gr
Salt  taste
Sugar  1 tsp
Vegetable oil  2 tablespoons


Trout (salted)  400 gr
Cream cheese (soft)  400 gr
Avocado  1 pc.

1. Prepare the dough for the pancakes: Mix (can use electric mixer, but do not beat the foam), eggs and milk, add flour  (avoid lumps formed). Fry pancakes in oil, you can use a piece of lard (pin-prick on the fork and coat the hot pan.
2. Fish fillets cut into strips.
3. Avocados also cut into strips (if not lucky to choose a ripe avocado, a firm can "hide" rubbing avocado on a small grater). In principle, for those who do not love the taste of avocados - can it be deleted altogether from the cake.
4. Getting to assemble the cake, plaster each pancake with cheese, put the fish and avocado.

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05.11.2010 12:28
Кухарка :)
18.08.2011 12:00
О! Это МегаВкуснятина! Готовлю такой на каждый праздник. Добавить авокадо - интересная идея. Попробуем.

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